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About Us

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Welcome, Prospective Study Abroad Students!

Are you interested in immersing yourself in a new culture? Learning a new language? Traveling the world? If so, you are in the right place! Studying abroad is an amazing opportunity that allows you to take classes for credit in universities all over the world. The College of Saint Rose is partnered with numerous programs in 35 different countries. Check out the links on the left hand side of the page to learn more!

Center for International Programs Ribbon Cutting

Our ribbon-cutting ceremony, 2015

Mission Statement

The Center for International Programs supports The College of Saint Rose community with a dual mission. First, to offer foreign and domestic study as an essential part of the educational experience, preparing students and faculty to meet the challenge and potential of a global society; and second, to coordinate support services and programs for international students and scholars participating in the Saint Rose campus community. To fulfill its mission, the Center cultivates a climate of openness that embraces diversity in all of its many forms.

Come visit our office at 429 Western!

Study Abroad Opportunities

The College of Saint Rose is affiliated with International Studies Abroad; Spanish Studies Abroad; Studio Art Centers International; Regent’s College, London, England; and University College, Cork, Ireland. Through these institutions, students may study and earn college credits from Scotland to South Africa, India to Ireland, Poland to Peru, and Chile to China - Saint Rose students can study a wide range of disciplines!  While tuition and fees normally will cover most costs, some programs entail a tuition surcharge. Students should consult with their academic advisors early in their academic careers to identify which programs best fit their education goals.

Study abroad opportunities are available for one semester, two semesters, faculty sponsored short-term trips, and summer sessions. Students participating in College affiliated programs will be charged The College of Saint Rose tuition and a study abroad fee rather than the cost indicated in the program’s materials If the host study abroad tuition or room and board cost is higher than The College of Saint Rose, the student will pay the higher fee.

Students can even take classes that are taught in English in countries where English is not the primary language (i.e. Argentina, Brazil, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, etc.). Even better, several sites offer credit-bearing internships and service learning experiences for students to give them major-specific field experiences.

Types of Study Abroad Programs

1. Semester abroad (fall or spring)

Semester abroad programs run an entire semester (3-4 months) and are offered through direct affiliates - overseas institutions and third party providers. Students take a minimum of 12 credit hours when on a semester program, and they also have the option of (1) adding a service learning component to their study abroad or (2) enrolling in a for-credit internship. Follow the program links to view all offerings.

2. Summer abroad (4 – 8 weeks)

Summer abroad programs are for students who want a shorter term experience and fewer credit hours abroad. Students on summer programs typically take 3-9 hours of credit. These students may also add a service learning component to their study abroad. Summer programs are offered through direct affiliates - see the links to view all offerings.

3. Short-term Faculty Led Program (7-14 days)

A Faculty Led Program (FLP) is a study abroad experience that is offered in conjunction with an academic class that is taught either fall or spring semester at The College of Saint Rose. The class meets on campus like any regular class, but it also has an additional 1-2 week travel component that typically occurs during a semester break. Students travel with the faculty member and other class members, so there is a high amount of small group interaction. Cost wise, students pay their regular semester costs, and for the class that has an FLP attached, they pay an additional travel cost, which ranges from $1500 – $3000.

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